About company

TradeKings Company - one of the most technologically advanced and innovative companies in the financial markets. Our team since 2007 constantly conducts research in the field of financial instruments and markets. We develop and offer our clients the best products. Since 2014 we started to provide services in the field of online trading in the international currency market for a wide range of clients.

We offer our traders the most advanced available today Metatrader 4 trading platform, which enables literally everyone to trade various assets and profit online. For the purpose facilitate the work of the most experienced investors and traders to help beginners, we use effective monitoring and protection mechanisms for the interests of clients. At your service - the speed, efficiency and ease of use in the forex market 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Thousands of our traders have got a real financial freedom, they managed to avoid many of the risks. We invite you to start making money with us. Our professionalism - a reliable guarantee your financial success on Forex.

Our company is not affiliated with TradeKing Ltd. company. Our company is not affiliated with any other companies.
For any questions and suggestions please send email to info@tradekings.com