PreSALE ICO | TradeKings

The TradeKings preSALE token is now LIVE!

To get TKG tokens, transfer ETH to the address bellow.
1TKG = 0.002 ETH.

The Ethereum contract address for the token distribution is:


Gas limit: 50,000

Token pre-sale bonus

If you contribute more then 1 ETH you will recieve 60% token bonus

If you contribute less then 1 ETH you will recieve 30% token bonus

! Tokens will be transferred to your address after reaching a soft cap. Soft cap is 100 ETH. Hard cap 1000 ETH. All who participate in token PreSale will recieve 20% ETH on their wallets from future ICO through Smart Contract.

! The minimal participation amount is 0.002 ETH. Do not send anything other than ETH to the ETH address or you will not be able to purchase TKG Tokens and such transaction will be null and void.

! Do not send ETH from an Exchange. If you send ETH to ETH address from an exchange account, your TKG tokens will be allocated to the exchange's ETH account and you may never receive or be able to recover your TKG tokens.


Janyuary 2014 - Exclusive IB partner of (whitelabel TradeKings)

March 2015 - The number of active users exceeded the level of 5000

December 2015 - Launch of the software development department to ensure the forex market

February 2016 - Creation of a unique exchange technology between exchanges

August 2016 - On the basis of many successful developments the launch of trading robots based on neural networks for VIP customers

November 2016 - The first developments on arbitrage trading on various crypto-exchanges

February 2017 - Development of systems for providing liquidity at the best prices from different crypto-exchanges for brokers MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5

April 2017 - Sale of technologies of liquidity provision systems to B2broker (B2BX)

August 2017 - Termination of cooperation with and lauching our own broker TradeKings

October 2017 - Re-profiling on the crypto-currency market, the preparation of technological solutions for crypto-exchange on the basis of MetaTrade4

December 2017 - Token Pre-Sale launch

January 2018 - Beta launch of the exchange on the basis of MetaTrader4 using Desktop, mobile and WEB versions.

February 2018 - Launch preICO

March 2018 - Complete launch of the exchange with the technology of interaction with other exchanges to select bids at the best prices, ensuring maximum liquidity, better conditions.

April 2018 - Launch ICO

September 2018 - Receiving a banking license in offshore country to ensure for customers direct deposit and withdraw in Fiat-currencies

January 2019 - Creating multicurrency wallets, issuing and binding debit cards to your exchange account

Our token pre-sale ends on December 12, 2017 at 23:59 UTC


or after cap is reached